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This is the whole fucking band
Ok here are the names, from left to right:
Erik, Adam, Guy, Nathan,David.
Are you fucking happy now? good. I stole like all the pictures from their website, I hope they don't get mad. God damnit, my back won't crack.
Your getting this crappy picture of Nathan until my film gets developed
OK, Bio on Nathan, happy bitch?
Name: Nathan Winneke
Height/Weight: 5'11" 175ish.
Length/Width: Just right.
Birthday/Age: January 15th 1977, 23
Instrument and Gear: DRUMS- Tama, Ludwig, Zildjian, Sound percussion, DW, Paiste, and an Adam stool thing.
Place where you live: Old folks retirement home/trailer park in Tustin, CA. Not kidding.
School: I attend IVC
Career: Dapy.
Girlfriend: Waiting...

Musical Influences: Keith Moon, Dave Grohl, Brant Bjork
Favorite Bands and Albums: Aphex Twin - Go Singles, King Crimson - Larks Tongue in Aspic, Fu Manchu - King of the Road, Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack by Basil Polodorius, The Flash Gordon Soundtrack by Queen, Tool - Aenima, Rush - Hemisphes, Duran Duran - Decade, Nick Cave - The Murder Ballads, Police - Message in a Box
Currently Listening To: At the Drive-In, James Brown, Conan Soundtrack, HORSE the band, Deftones, Portished, the Anniversary

Favorite Animal: Cow. yum.
Old Toy: Recondo, the jungle trooper GI JOE
Books: The Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert, Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, Witching Hour by Anne Rice, Get in the Van by Henry Rollins, Bruce Lee's Fighting Method by Bruce Lee and M. Uyehara, Tao teh Ching by Lao Tsu
Words: young, sweet, reverberate, penetrate, pussilanimous
Sayings: "Vagina"
Movies: Conan the Barbarian, Flash Gordon, Dune, Excalibur
TV Shows: I don't believe in TV
Girls: Alyson Hannigan and Leelee Sobieski
Video Game: Anything Megaman or Link
Bad Word: Bad is relative
Historical Event: My birth
Food: Carmel's taquitos and Wahoo's taquitos (fish)
Profound Question: "How do you feel?"
Size of Boobs: Yes, please
Thing To Do: Play drums, shop, cunninglingus.
Flower: Any one as long as it's where it is supposed to be.
Bread: 7 grain, it's the small loaf that is expensive at Ralph's.
Soup: Cup o noodles, hot sauce shrimp with the Tapatio packet.
HORSE the band Album & Song: Secret Rhythm of the Universe, Port Gunnel
HORSE the band Member: I'm not like that.
Thrice member: Gay question.
Other things: I like Taoism and DragonballZ.

Best Way To Die: Sun blows up, incinerates everything instantly.
Best Way to Live (ooo deep): Like water.
Role Model: Goku
Fantasy: To have the power to rearrange matter at will.
Sexual Fantasy (if different): To kiss the girl who plays Willow on Buffy (Alyson Hannigan, see Girls section)
Aspirations: To follow the Tao
Girls That Have inspired you to write songs: Tami, Charity, Caylen
Nice shot of Adam, whoever took it
Adam Bio from their website, yaay!
Name: Adam Gregory Crook
Height/Weight: 5' 9" 160 lbs
Length/Width: I've been told 7 inches for length. Width? Come here and measure it yourself.
Birthday/Age: 2-13-81. That makes me 19 right now. I was actually born on Friday the 13th. Freaky eh?
Instrument and Gear: a microphone, mike stand, mike cord, mouth, tongue, teeth, throat, larynx, vocal cords, and phlegm.
Place where you live: Lake Forest, Orange County, California.
School: Saddleback College for the time being.
Career: Striving to be a research physicist for a huge company and write science fiction novels on the side.
Girlfriend: Kristen Lynn Greenough

Musical Influences: No one really except maybe Risto. I invented my own style.
Favorite Bands and Albums: Thrice, converge, dillenger escape plan, cave in, blink 182, rob zombie, green day, green jelly, and of course the bastards
Currently Listening To: The hum of my computer hard drive.

Favorite Animal: Cat
Old Toy: my k'nex
Books: Fear Nothing and Seize the Night by Dean Koontz, The Dark Tower series by Steven King, The Ender's game series by Orson Scott Card, The Lord of the Rings series by J. R. R. Tolkien, A Fire upon the Deep and Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge, Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard and finally, The Talisman by Peter Straub and Steven King
Quotes: "This is my boomstick." "Good, Bad, I'm the guy with the gun." -- Bruce Campbell
Words: Bunt, Bah, Christ, and various grunting noises.
Sayings: "This sucks."
Movies: The Evil Dead Trilogy, Braveheart, the Gladiator, and the Matrix.
TV Shows: Simpsons, Married with Children, Buffy the vampire slayer, and cartoons.
Girls: Only my girlfriend
Video Game: Daggerfall
Bad Word: Fuck
Historical Event: history is boring.
Food: Air
Profound Question: What IS the universe?
Size of Boobs: A cup is sufficient. Big boobs scare me.
Thing To Do: Reading and writing
Flower: rose
Bread: potato bread
Soup: tortilla soup
HORSE the band Album & Song: James 2 on the secret rhythm of the universe
HORSE the band Member: Davey
Thrice member: I'm not gay
Other things: I like to lift heavy things

Best Way To Die: sex
Best Way to Live (ooo deep): healthy and happy
Role Model: HORSE the band
Fantasy: be a millionaire
Sexual Fantasy (if different): It's a secret
Aspirations: none
Girls That Have inspired you to write songs: Kristen and the pink power ranger
This is my fav pic of David, acctually my fav pic of all
David bio from their website! I am a crook,yaay!
Name: David
Height/Weight: 6'1" 150-170 lbs. (some days i eat a lot of food, but then it all falls out)
Length/Width: longer and thicker than yours
Birthday/Age: 5-20-81, 19
Instrument and Gear: GUITAR - A beauteous purple carvin that I got by trading my specially acquired ibanez, and an old fake ugly yellow fender jag stang. AMP - i use a crate head and cab that i like the distortion sound on
Place where you live: Lake Forest, CA
School: Stanford
Career: I will create artificial intelligence and build robots that will turn on us and destroy the world
Girlfriend:rrr hhh wen da booh

Musical Influences: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, King Crimson, Green Jello, Rush, Shai Hulud
Favorite Bands and Albums: Shai Hulud - Their new album that hasn;t come out yet cuz everyone knows it will be magnificent, Dream Theater- "Images and Words", Metallica-"...And Justice For All", Poison The Well-"The Opposite of December", Fates Warning-"A Pleasant Shade of Grey", Guns n' Roses-"Use Your Illusion II", Def Leppard- "Hysteria","Nirvana-"Nevermind", Nine Inch Nails- "The Downward Spiral", Skid Row- "Skid Row", Thrice "Identity Crisis"
Currently Listening To: Stratovarius, Taken, Converge, Cave-In, Dillinger Escape Plan, King Crimson Projekcts

Favorite Animal: pig
Old Toy: he-man
Books: "Twilight of the Idols"-Friedrich Nietzsche, "Atlas Shrugged"-Ayn Rand, "The Hitchikers Guide to the Universe"- Douglas Adams, "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy"-JRR Tolkien
Quotes: "Yes, my friends, regarding all the moral chatter of some about others it is time to feel nauseous."-Nietzsche. "Face to face we'll awake to see another day, and with hope in our hearts embrace this shade of grey...this pleasant shade of grey"-Fates Warning
Words: regarding, evidenced, salmonella
Sayings: "uhhh", "what?", "I dunno"
Movies: The Godfather I-III, Goodfellas, The Neverending Story, The Big Lebowski
TV Shows: Blind Date, Simpson's, Family Guy, MTV(when there are hot girls on)
Girls: brown hair and nice butt
Video Game: Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Metroid
Bad Word: motherFUCK
Historical Event: The 2nd Partition of Poland
Food: Spicy oily and garlicy
Profound Question: "what the fuck are you talking about you retard?"
Size of Boobs: large lemon
Thing To Do: play songs and observe people at places
Flower: those weird purple/rainbow colored things that look like brains
Bread: sourodough or garlic oil cheese
Soup: french onion
HORSE the band Album & Song: Food, The Greatest Weight(forthcoming)
HORSE the band Member: the horse
Other things: cheese and string and boxes

Best Way To Die: jump off airplane into grand canyon
Best Way to Live (ooo deep): Lead a Dionysian life of eternal affirmation.
Role Model: Axl Rose
Fantasy: To be a warrior with a big sword that kills goblins and demons.
Sexual Fantasy (if different): No, its the same
Aspirations: Sex, drugs, and Rock n' Roll
Girls That Have inspired you to write songs: M (James II), L and D (The Opportunity for a creative variation), L (x4chickens@aol.com), C (Spottage), S (Thin Rope of Hope)
Erik and the car I just can't seem to see
Erik bio from website! They are going to sue me! yaay!
Name: Erik Daniel Engstrom
Height/Weight: 5'11" 128 lbs. but I just took a crap.
Length/Width: Average/Maybe slightly above average, I'm not sure, sorry though.
Birthday/Age: 5-21-81, 19
Instrument and Gear: GUITAR - Ibanez Roadstar II it's old and snot green KEYBOARD - Korg MS2000 and a really old Casio for nerdy sounds. AMP - I play out of an old Cerwin Vega PA for both instruments. It's 200 watts. I want a 5150 though for my guitar.
Place where you live: Lake Forest, CA
School: UCLA
Career: I think I am majoring in Cognitive Science
Girlfriend: I ALMOST had one. DANG IT!!!

Musical Influences: GUITAR - Longfellow, Blink 182, Bigwig, Thrice, Millencolin, and I wish Converge but I'm not good enough to be influenced by them. KEYBOARD - The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, World Cup Soccer, Rammstein.
Favorite Bands and Albums: OK. Blink 182 - Dude Ranch, Taken - Finding Solace in Dissension, Bigwig - Stay Asleep, Death By Stereo - If Looks Could Kill..., MxPx - Pokinatcha, Converge - Petitioning the Empty Sky, Millencolin - Life on a Plate, Thrice - Identity Crisis, Less Than Jake - Pezcore, Longfellow - And So On, Reggie and the Full Effect - Promotional Copy
Currently Listening To: The Hope Conspiracy, Taken, In Flames, Hot Snakes, Destiny's Child, Poison the Well, trying to find music by Your Friends Enemies

Favorite Animal: Horse (no really the duck, just a regular brown one, they look the nicest) Also, quails are funny, they have funny heads.
Old Toy: MASK
Books: Tortilla Flat (the best), Of Mice and Men, the Grapes of Wrath, Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques, Jane Eyre (seriously it's good) by Charlotte Bronte, the Odyssey by Homer, Sphere by Michael Crichton.
Quotes: "Like you I also dream of being really free, but this escape is really just another prison." - Shield
"I'll take what you're willing to give, and I'll teach myself to live with a walk-on part of a background shot of a movie I'm not in." - Blink 182
"If you wonder about the reasons behind the ugly mixture of cynicism and guilt in which most men spend their lives, these are the reasons - cynicism, because they neither practice nor accept the altruist morality- guilt, because they dare not reject it." - Ayn Rand
Words: barge, satchel, blarg, I had a whole list but I lost it.
Sayings: "howdy", "Ay mang", "I thirst with the thirst of 1000 camels."
Movies: Good Will Hunting, the Wizard, the Game, the Usual Suspects, Zero Effect
TV Shows: Jack and Jill, Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Drew Carey, the Simpsons, Friends, the Crocodile Hunter
Girls: Girls with brown hair, pert breasts, efficient butts, firm thighs, and at most 16 years old. Amanda Peet (see my page about her www.bol.ucla.edu/~yourmom/), Alicia Rickter, Katie Holmes, Britney Spears
Video Game: Arcade games where you kill people with guns and they bleed and explode and the guns kick back, Super Mario Cart, Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, A Link to the Past, Zelda 64
Bad Word: assfuck
Historical Event: The War where we stole Southern California from Mexico. HAHahaHAHA now that's foresight.
Food: It changes, I like In n Out the best right now. Probably french fries. And Pizza Pete's at Balboa. And Thrifty Ice Cream and FATburger and salmon.
Profound Question: I forgot them all. Oh yeah, name something you do that is not motivated by selfishness. Think hard now.
Size of Boobs: pert B
Thing To Do: Say stupid things to girls, play with my friends. That's all.
Flower: I like little blue flowers that grow in the mountains. I don't know what they're called.
Bread: French
Soup: Clam Chowder that is white
HORSE the band Album & Song: Food, the Buntaluffagus
HORSE the band Member: Mavey Mavey I love you.
Other things: I like things from the 70s. I love those 70s Western movies where the color is slightly off and they go into the majestic mountains and shoot indians. I love the majestic mountains.

Best Way To Die: Fall off Very Tall Building or Cliff (approximate fall time 20 seconds)
Best Way to Live (ooo deep): I don't know but trust your girlfriend because if you don't trust her and she isn't cheating on you then you have fights for no reason, and if she is you will break up with her right away anyway when you find out. Yeah.
Role Model: My image of me in my head
Fantasy: A girl that is retardedly funny and happy and smiling and crazy but principled and saving herself for me and wears neat clothes, like not just your old run of the mill, but she looks punky kind of and intelligent and she has brown hair and maybe it is short and we understand each other completely just by looking into each other's eyes the first time we meet.
Sexual Fantasy (if different): Having sex with that girl.
Aspirations: I want to go to heaven and have nice kids and the above wife. It would also be cool to have a job that is fun and to live somewhere around here with my friends.
Girls That Have inspired you to write songs: Amy Murphy, Kelly Tran but I lost the lyrics for that one.
Look it's Guy! How funky, don't ask me
Look I will get arrested soon!
Name: Guy Morgenshtern
Height/Weight: 5'11" 190 lbs. (all muscle)
Length/Width: 17" long 3" diameter (soft)
Birthday/Age: 9-3-81. (19)
Instrument and Gear: Bass (Squire), Crate Amp, NAthan's Amp, Dunlop pics, Ernie Ball strap.
Place where you live: Rancho Santa Margarita
School: UCSB
Career: MY career is looking for a job or doing dares for money.
Girlfriend: No girlfriend (Now Hiring)

Musical Influences: Blink 182, MxPx, Sublime, David Isen, Brian Applebee, Boobies!!!
Favorite Bands and Albums: Blink, MxPx, Sublime, HEY STROKER, Unwritten Law, Bob Marley, Home Grown
Currently Listening To: Everything.

Favorite Animal: Cat (pussy)
Old Toy: Lego
Books: Pop up
Quotes: "I only got two things in the world, my word and my balls, and I don't break them for nobody." - Scarface.
Words: Vagina, tit, mug, ass, pudding.
Sayings: Same as above.
Movies: Swingers, Scarface, and a shit-load more.
TV Shows: Simpsons, Comedy Central.
Girls: Karen McDougal, Carmen Electra, Rebecca Romijn, and a shit load more.
Video Game: Arkanoid and Super Smash Bros.
Bad Word: fucktabulous
Historical Event: The Louisianna Purchase
Food: In-N-Out
Profound Question: Why?
Size of Boobs: A handful is a mouthful and that's enough for me.
Thing To Do: Make sex
Flower: Bird of Paradise
Bread: Hawaiian
HORSE the band Album & Song: Salvation Army
HORSE the band Member: Me
Thrice member: Who the fuck are they?!
Other things: I like weed and alcohol

Best Way To Die: Of old age.
Best Way to Live (ooo deep): to the fullest
Role Model: Michael Jordan and Al Gore
Fantasy: To be rich and have a hot wife
Sexual Fantasy (if different): Can not be put into words.
Aspirations: What does aspiration mean? JK to do the best I can while I'm young.
Girls That Have inspired you to write songs: Lacy, Cassie, Emily, and all the beautiful girls that I was too pussy to talk to, so I don't know their names.
I am clueless about Risto, but non-the-less he is flicking off the camera. He is going in my FUCK YOU section.
ummm, Risto saying FUCK YOU!!! yaaay! I like this guy alot