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My Jeebus, he's so sexy.
Tulio know how to be in pictures (unlike me). He is so sexy and mysterious. Ugh I can't resist my urge for Tulio. I want Tulio!! ARRRG!
Mmm, Tulio
Ooo, just look at those beckening Italian eyes. Who could want much more. *bites lip* Ohh Tulio, I want, I want.
Tulio's model shot!
HOW CUTE! Tulio does the famous male model shot! Oh Jeebus, I canot resist. MUST HAVE TULIO!
Can you guess which one is Tulio?
Tulio is the one who is oh so sexy! The only one who is italian and hot and I want. I wish I could have! Ooo I want! *drools*
Tulio is so sexy in glasses
This si a bad attemped on a one handed photo. But he still looks as hot as ever and I want in my bedroom right now. No matter how bad the picture is, he will always look smooooth.
hehehe, Tulio's balls
He looks so sexy while playing pool. Nuff said
Yaay! It's Tulio!
I wonder if this is his work. Hehehe, a Argentinan Dilbert.