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AFI rules! Their music is insperational and Davey Havok is hott. This is all I'm going to write because I'll do more later.. OK? ok!
This is were I update about Matthew, and he is back! YAAAYYY! I am so happy! ok that is all, luvs 2 mattias!

  His intensity to the music is so exlherating. I wish I could spell http://www.afireinside.net/music/afi_totalimmortal.mov Mmmm look at Davey thrust.

ohh, Davey your so beautiful
  Hunter is so Yummy http://www.afireinside.net/music/afi_thirdseason.mov He is so cute

Mmm, Hunter
  Mmm, oh yea Jade is so wonderful

I want Jade in my room so bad!