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umm, something about me
OK it has been days since I was on the phone with Trent, so I guess I'll write about me now. I'm dying my hair black, so i guess I have black hair, it was dirty blonde, I have green-blue eyes, sometimes green, sometimes blue, more green then blue. My whole family has crystal blue eyes, it's funny. I have worked hard on my anti-tan, and now that I work in sunlight, I am becoming tan very easly, which sux ass. I think it's really hard to not tan when your a full-blood German. Ok back on subject, I'm 5'6" 150lb, *that's average, for reals* my breasts are 36D and stil growing! mostly because I'm 14, but that's coo. Nothing makes sense and i have to get a movie for my sister, so I'm gonna go, ok? bye bye!

This CAme With The Website And I'm To Lazy To Change It
Travel photography is exciting when your pictures turn out, but disappointing when the colors and photos are not close to what you actually saw. To be a good travel photographer, make sure you always have your camera ready, store it well, and keep extra film and a copy of your camera receipt with you (for customs). Also, include people for interest, but don't pose them in front of landmarks or buildings. When taking landscape pictures, include some of the foreground to add depth to the pictures. Consider taking pictures of signs (e.g., Welcome to Luxor) because they always add good titles, chapters, or divisions in the story of your travels.

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