There is only one god! JEEBUS
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That's right I am covered in fat doggy slobber. My fat doggy Keesha is licking my legs and it's getting annoying. I wish she would stop but I dunt have the heart to forcibly stop her. It's really getting annoying.
I'm going to write a whole section on shit. Maybe I'll talk about big shits, or little shits (my little brother fer example) I say that everybody can be defined by a different kind of shit. I am defined by a watery green shit, which is to say I am a rare occurance who ingulves everything in it's path and even though I look easy to get rid off, I am very hard to expell. My best friend Danielle is a slimey shit, she is green too. She is slimey because she is hard to get rid of and sticks to everything in her past, leaving bits of herself everywhere. My other best friend Joe is a hard shit. That means he keeps coming back and just stocks up and stocks up hurting you then it takes forever to get him out and it hurts like hell, untill about 5 hours from now he is finally out of your sphincter. Then there is Trent, he is a black shit because he always wears alotta black, and he's a squishy shit because he's squishy too, but not to squishy! Robbie is a watery shit because his tears make him all watery and he doesn't float like regular watery shit, he sinks. He doesn't know how to float. I dunno what else to write about shit, maybe I'll write about different kinds of animal shit. Bird shit is all green and gooey, with white centers. I think that means that birds are annoying shits that shit everywere. Dogs have stepbable shit. It's all squishy and gets everywhere on your shoe and smells really bad too. Immortal Alice shit is really really sticky, that says that they stick to poeple and never go away, I like Immortal Alice shit, it smells nice. I dunt know about cat shit, because it's always hidden in the cat box and I don't want to go digging around in there for you because you're worthless to me. I guess this ends the first shit section, so SIGN MY GUEST BOOK AND E-MAIL ALL MY CONACTS!!!
a new site, with basicly the same things
One person came up to me today and asked me if my soul was prepared for Jesus. I said, "Who the Hell is Jesus?" Then smacked her and jumped into the bushes and hid until the pizza boy left the taco in the tushi then I went and had dinner at chinese people places. But the Jesus thing got me wondering. I mean yea we all know who Jeebus is, we belch to it 50 times a day, including while we sleep. (hey at least it's not farting) We also rub our bellys alot and as soon as our nipples turn hard we go outside and make pancakes on the barbicue grill underwater. So I gotta make those pancakes alot. Anywho, I started researching this guy Jesus and I looked and looked all day fer weeks, because I was trying to crap out a Joe shit and it was taking for ever, So I searched it on the web while I was on the toliet. I found a jesus hates you site. It was apparently written by some girl named Danielle Harder. She made this site and was going to build a shrine to her self. Her and a girl who all we know about her is her AIM screen name, SpiffyKitty666, made a jesus joke. they would say JESUS HATES YOU! So according to my search which took weeks, all I know is that some guy named Jesus, hates me.
It's a picture of trent, Isn't he hot as usuall. I wish I could see him. oh well. I hope I can leave home soon. Probably go up to San Jose if I can, I am weak.I just need to find a place to put my new pictures, I am going to have so many soon.I hope everybody visits my site every day so they can see what I update everytime. I do it everyday. It's your task to see what I updated.
Ok now the article about Jaci we've all been waiting for, not really but she deserves alot of stuff because she is so nice even though my mom and sister and little brother have put ehr through alot. I put her through alot too. *smiles* go Jaci! you rule! Ok Jaci is Brady ( My Big Protecting brother)'s girlfriend. and he really loves her alot. I dunt think he has ever loved anyone this much. she brings him to his knees and he is like 6'5" or sumthin. and I dunt know how she does it but I really respect her and it's hard to get true respect from me. Respect is everything to me and she gots it! go Jaci ! Ok I be going to bed now. I'll add more later! Brady says I love you to Jaci! LUVS YOU ALL!

Rick is somewhere on this page
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My tummy hurts, I drank to much rootbeer. MATTHEW RULEZ! it's 2213 hours i say I have about 2 solid hours before you come online. I guess I'll go swim again. I love the feeling of weightlessness. I am psycho, I know it. You sorta get to knowing your psycho when you have no feeling what so ever about your mother, and don't really care when she cries because your fed up with her shit. I never really cared when she cried or anything, I never will. She will learn her lesson harshly. My psychologist read my unedited version of my comments about my mother in the sections about my day. she said that she discovered the only thing I hate, and it was my mom. I told her I already knew. I know I'm psycho and crazy and that I am evil and I don't really careI know that I am capable of killing with out feeling, or most likely I will enjoy it. I know nothing wil help me, and I have more to say about me, but I won't for some weird distorted reason I cannot think of and my mom just told me to get off the net, I don't care what she says. If she goes near me her arm is broken. My cat is mewing really loudly and I want to keep writing about what I feel and know and looking into myself but I can't, my mother won't shut up and she doesn't realize I am on the edge to commit murder, she is the first on my mental list. I'll be back on and if your on then I will probably copy and paste this too you or maybe give you my web address so you can scroll down here yourself and read it, depends on how I am feeling. What even mood I am in, or however psycho I am, you know that I will always have that love for you!

I am an Orangitangipenguin!
I guess I'll just write what ever I want to feel in this section, too bad I can't save every version of this site because I am a freak when it comes to saving everything. I burned my chest a few days ago, it left a circular scar.
I feel your arms surround me, and hold me closer still. I cannot see your body, but I know it's you I feel. and when I stare into your paper eyes, and cry the tears that stain the ocean. I look at myself in the mirror and say,"What a beautiful waste, what a beautiful waste to me" I thought you were mine until I realized something like you could never be here, for me. Don't fall down that hole, don't slide that that tube into your own hell. I am your hell.Why can't you be here, I wish you were here, oh don't tell me, I think I already know. I can't bare to see you, I'd lose all my dreams for you. If I had met you, I wouldn't be sceaming our bregades every night before I wake. If I knew you i wouldn't want to get to know you, I wouldn't want to cry for you even though I already am.I'm already dead! If I met you I'd mess up everything, like I've already done. I've done that before. Everything is crashing down, I haven't gotten to you in days before, in days tonight. get to me. As I cry infront of the screen, I say to you," What a beautiful waste, what a beautiful waste to you" I could never help you, never be there for you. I don't know if what you say is true, I don't know the way you really feel, until I see you, but I don't want too. I'll never remember this tune so I can sing too you. I always do that. All I can say is that your a beautiful waste, a beautiful waste.